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    (via This art project turns primitive smoke signals into ones and zeros)

    An art installation from the Koln International School of Design aims to give us a feel for the ethereal radio waves we take for granted every day. Binairy Talk, created by Niklas Isselburg and Jakob Killian, uses a sound generator and pulsing device to fire smoke rings at a laser sensor. Those are interpreted by a computer as either ones or zeros, with the resulting messages displayed on a screen…


    Postcards scans : Université de Paris - Palais de la Découverte.

    - Structure mosaïque d’un cristal de chlorure de sodium observé au microscope électronique Grossissement 23000 (C.Sella)

    - Surface canal engendrée par une sphère de rayon constant dont le lieu du centre est une hélice circulaire (Salle des mathématiques)

    (via mudwerks)

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